Sifu Julio Anguita

Sifu Julio Anguita

Sifu Julio Anguita started his martial arts journey at the age of 13. His first style was Okinawan Karate, and then a year later, transitioned to Taekwondo. In the year 2000, Sifu Julio met Master Paul Tillman, a practitioner of a form of Filipino Martial Arts known as Pami-kol founded by Kaplag Galo Enriquez from the island of Cebu, Philippines. This teacher-student friendship developed over the years. Until this very day, Sifu Julio is still mentored by Master Paul and honors him as a Father.

It was through this relationship that Sifu Julio started transitioning to other styles to add to his martial expression. This included Wing Chun under the private instruction of Sifu Ron Lepree, who also taught Sifu Julio the fundamentals of Zen Buddhism. Two years later, Sifu Julio migrated to the style known as Jeet Kune Do under tutelage of Sifu Carlos Osorio and received his full instructorship under him.

Sifu Julio specializes in Close Quarter Combat, Rapid Assault Combatives, and Offensive/Defensive Knife Tactics. Sifu Julio is available for private instruction and small group seminars, and can provide specialized training for Law Enforcement Officers, Security Professionals, Military Personnel, Domestic Violence Counter Tactics for Women, and, lastly, Community Personal Protection Awareness.

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